Daily J² & Supernatural Ficfile

Daily J² & Supernatural Ficfile
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Welcome to the daily J² & Supernatural Ficfile!

This is a community for people who enjoy fanfics about J² and/or Supernatural. With daily recs I want to compile a collection of awesome J² and Supernatural Fanfiction.

From Monday to Thursday I want to rec you a J² or Supernatural Fanfic a day, on Fridays there will be place for self-recs, theme!recs and foreign language-recs in turns.

If you want to rec your favorite fic for the “normal” recs on Monday – Thursday, you are more than welcome to get in touch to me via message or email. Please follow the few, simple following rules:
- please only rec finished fanfics with Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean as the main pairing
- the boys should be humans and, in Supernatural fanfics, brothers (which also means that both should be boys)
- most importantly: please rec fics with a plot, so no pwps here
Apart from that everything is allowed: non AU or AU, gen or slash

If you hand in a rec, please provide all necessary information (title, author, rating, genre, summary, warning etc and – most importantly – the link) and – if you like – a few lines why you like this fic so much and want it to be recced. I´ll put your review in the rec. If you want to stay anonymous, no problem, just let me know.

As soon as I get the rec me and or/my friend asilia will read the fic and post it asap.

For the Friday recs, the rules are a bit different:
- self!recs won´t be checked at all. If you want to pimp your own fic, don´t hesitate, just send me a message with all the important details and why you want it to be recced
- the same applies for foreign language recs (these can of course also be self-recs)
- theme!recs of course should match the suggested theme (like for exampe hurt!Sam) and won´t be checked for the above mentioned creteria, either

There won´t be any recs on Saturday and Sunday – girl needs a break ;)

If you have any suggestions or questions, don´t hesitate to contact me!